A Quick Survival Guide For College

     Your first step to having great memories in college is to go to all orientations and make new friends. Making new friends can be tough especially in college but it doesn't have to be. Going to orientation is like going to camp, you will have the same schedule like everybody else, everyone stays in one building, you might break into smaller groups, but still have one goal in mind, learn the university.  Once night falls, the party begins. Most of the people you see at orientation will be around your senior year, so branch out. Take yourself out of your element and get to know people and if you haven't already, try to find roommates. Think twice before living with your best friend. Sometimes living with someone you know or a best friend can lead to a bad experience, especially if you all fall out. The best thing to do is try to avoid it from the beginning. While we are talking about roommates, get to know your comrades. The people you live with are going through the same experience and emotions as you. Coming home to a house, or a dorm full of friends is the best. Sidenote, while at orientation or the first week of school, sign-up for organizations. While in these organizations be an active member and try to have a leadership position. 

    Now that orientation is out the way, the next step will be a transformation. You don't have to worry about your past persona. Being the same person you once were in high school is annoying, you aren't evolving. The refreshing thing about college is that you are new and starting over just like everyone else. So, try a new hairdo, a new style of clothing and be more social, if you haven't already.  Now, I wasn't going to mention this but relax on the whole relationship thing. Most people don't marry their college sweetheart, and that's perfectly fine. You aren't paying tuition to find a significant other. Focus on networking, finding friends and passing classes. Don't fool yourself into thinking EVERYBODY is the one. Speaking of classes, take your hard classes in the fall of each semester; your motivation will go downhill during the spring. 

    Be safe. Eat smart. Get sleep. Always, stick with friends and no drinking and driving. When going out, always find a designated driver and if you can't find one, be one. Store the campus police number in your phone and if you find yourself on campus late, carry a taser or call the school police. While we are talking about safety, let's talk sexual safety. You didn't come to college to catch something you can't get rid of (besides a degree) so wrap it up, know your status and your partner's status. If someone has an issue with getting tested, they can't be trusted. Now moving on to the eat smart part. Try not to be part of the freshman fifteen, sophomore thirty, junior forty-five and senior fifty. Walk to campus, work out for thirty minutes a day and stay hydrated. It's ok to have an unhealthy meal or three but don't let it get out of hand. Remember to get lots of sleep. College is stressful enough so plan carefully and make sure sleep is always a priority.

     Lastly, have fun and make memories but also be responsible. Be in the known and get involved on campus but remember your grades come first and everything else second. Joining organizations is cool but graduating with a low GPA can be dreadful. Try to have the total package and balance, have a diverse resume. Try to soak up what your university has to over. The professors and faculty members (especially your academic advisors and professors) are all there for YOU. Take full advantage of getting to know them on a professional level (teachers can turn that 47 to an 87 just on the strength of knowing who you are or participation in class). You never know who you might cross paths with and you never know who they might become in the future, so be social with your classmates. Another side note, when it comes to group work or studying, try to find the smartest person or group in your class and take full advantage of their time but also pull your weight as well. Your college experience will be one of the most memorable moments in life, so try to make the best memories ever. Grow but also remember your morals and values and don't be afraid to make mistakes; they do not define who you are as a person. 


                                                                                           Love, KaylaaaJayyy