In this day and age, we live in a world where the black community is failing in some aspect. Despite past oppressions, we have more opportunities and possibilities than our previous generations, yet, we find ourselves in the same position as our parents and grandparents. We as blacks have found ways to tarnish the liberties we do have, the communities and businesses that were built for us and by us. To change this cycle, it takes a combination of rethinking and behavior. Granted we all were born into whatever cycle our parents and grandparents have perpetuated, but that does not mean we have to adapt and continue the cycle. We have to figure out what is unacceptable and know how we can make that change.  

Sexual Promiscuity

The first thing we will discuss today ladies and gentlemen is sexual promiscuity. Now for those who do not know what that is, it's casual sex.  We lead in the existing HIV infections, and it is killing our community, both hetero and homosexual. Yes, abstinence is the perfect way to avoid STI's and other viruses, but everyone has a choice to do what they please. Be more responsible and educate yourself and others when it comes to sex and testing. It does not matter how long you might have known your partner, get tested. HIV and STI's do not have a look, someone might look clean, but you would never know until they get tested. KNOW YOUR STATUS... AND YOUR PARTNERS! 
Please visit your local clinic or health care provider for testing information. (Some clinics will do it for free).

Single Parent Homes

There are certain situations we have no control over like death or a divorce. Blacks have the highest rank in single parent homes by 60-72%. Most of us were probably born in that single parent home cycle but how can we stop it? This one's hard, but there have to be a solution to this problem if you are leading in it. Birth control in all forms work. If you do not have health insurance or can not afford it, there are programs out there that can assist you, check with your local clinics. Condoms!! (do not strap twice, that weakens the latex). If you are going to partake in sexual activities, always have condoms on hand. Although condoms do not protect against herpes, they are still effective! If you are in a single parent home, use that experience to talk and educate your community on how that situation affected you. Use your situation to help better yourself and community, so this cycle will not continue. 

Knowledge is Definitely POWER!!

Most of the schools in urban communities can not afford the proper education to students because of lack of government funding. But that does not mean a person's only option to learn is in school; learning does not stop at the schoolhouse, it should continue at home. It is important to stress to kids, including teens and young adults, how important an education is. Now when it comes to college, not everyone can afford that but talk to school counselors and leaders in your community to see what scholarships are available. If college is not your "thing", figure out what exactly you want to do in life and EDUCATE yourself on that thing. Continue to read and grow your mind. African Americans were denied education for so long. People have fought and died just so slavery and segregation could end, and freedom can begin. Knowledge is the only thing people can not take away from you. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Black on Black Hate and BLACK Participation!

The last thing that I will discuss is intra-racial discrimination and voter participation. We as black people have to STOP the hate towards one another. There is enough hate towards us already, so what good does it do to cause more hate against our on kind? "They" want us to tear each other down and not praise and uplift one another, it's like crabs in a barrel. They threw us in the barrel and did not tell us the key to getting out, and that key is U.N.I.T.Y Working together and not against each other will help us become stronger than ever.  The more we continue to tear each other down, no one will be set free. It is easy to hate, try building back these communities and businesses. Let's work together!

Voting for mayor is more important THAN voting for president!! Voting for president is the first thing that comes to mind when we think politics. Yes, voting for the highest office is important but not that important as local and state elections. You ever wondered why marching for basic human/civil rights only go so far? That's because our local elections dictate the local laws, policies, and budget that affects us the most. Local and state elections give voters the biggest opportunities to have our voices get heard and get shit done.  Local elected officials decide how school and public safety is managed, and most important how police officers are trained. Local politics help shape the federal policy. People like to think that voting is something that happens every four years. WRONG!! Local elections happen every year and those implications are long lasting. Improve your local issues and vote locally to have greater influence over state laws. Local, State then FEDERAL... In that ORDER!! (Two claps and a dap!! )Get involved that is the only way to see change. 

To get these black communities up and running better than before, it starts with the US; the people that live in these communities, that is why education is important. These cycles have to stop or at least let's try to minimize them as much as possible to improve our community and each other. Let's try to reshape our minds and improve this life, so for those generations coming after, do not have to suffer. 

                                                                                                                                                                       Love, KaylaaaJayyy

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